Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Quote that Solved by Existential Crisis

I stumbled upon this quote on Pinterest about three months ago. I instantly liked it, but as I was going through saved pins on my phone, it resonated even more with me today.

Quote by Erin Hanson 

Leading up to the New Year, I always have an existential crisis pondering the direction my life is going. I just love how this simple yet profound quote calms the mental chatter.

I can't tell you how many times I have made decisions and doubted myself about them. Or questioned whether or not someone feels a certain way about me. The latter one is particularly exhausting. And though I can logically see there are no benefits of keeping those cognitive wheels spinning, it seems that it is almost inevitable. But the thing is, I may not be able to completely stop by natural tendency to overthink, but I can make peace with this beast so that I can tame it. 

I need to keep this truth in mind: I can think of a million what-if's to every situation I am presented; I just need to be sure to include the positive, hopeful possibilities, as well. Even just one positive perspective can silence a multitude of negative ones. And all of the mental conjectures are equally true. They have equal chances of occurring or not. Oftentimes life yields a slightly different outcome that we didn't 100% anticipate. And, in a way", even this is the spice of life,"

So, going forth into this new year my friends, keep in mind the positive possibilities. We can't even begin know what 2017 might hold. Might as well get excited. Stay golden, my friends, and a happy new year to you all!

Friday, December 23, 2016

When all Else Fails, Just Strike a Pose & Smile

So, clearly I just had professional pictures done again like I did back when I turned a quarter of a century. And, I 100% enjoyed it. In fact, I think everyone should go to Groupon and find good deals to have your own personal photo shoot. Because, really, why not? That portraits session really got me thinking about the concept of smiling.

I think we have all at some point in our lives slapped a smile on our face in spite of feeling worried or stressed or frustrated about something going on in our personal lives. I think it's important to have people in your life that you can share those difficult things with, but I think that smiling-in-spite-of is a good practice, as well. Is this "faking it 'til you make it"? Perhaps, in a way, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. If you can find something to genuinely smile about, I think it helps you get to a better-feeling mental space to better deal with the personal challenge.

So, often, we are in our heads too much. We over-analyze how we're being perceived by others while simultaneously trying to process the perceptions we are being given. I know that in the last few months, I have definitely fallen victim to this cycle. It can be exhausting. But, maybe the smiling-in-spite-of principle can be applied here, as well.

I am coming to accept the fact that I tend to have an overly analytical mind. Especially when it comes to school/career, personal growth or ever-evolving relationships, which is basically, just life. I think as long as I strive to find the middle, some sort of balance, then that's about all I should expect for myself. To just try. So, sometimes you just have to smile at the situation, confusing as they may be.

This reminds me of a quote I heard and once wrote about on this blog from a short-lived TV Show Emily Owens MD:

"It's hard trying not to judge yourself, because we are aware of every mistake. We know our inner doubts, our hidden motivations, our failings. So, my wish for next year is to be easier on myself, focus less on the bad and more on the good. Really, just give myself a break"

Those words resonated with me four years ago, and they ring even more true to my life today. As we move into 2017, I encourage you all to just strike a pose (even if just in front of yourself in a mirror), smile, and give yourself and others a break more often than not. Stay golden, my friends! 

Monday, December 19, 2016

We must not simply survive, we must THRIVE

Hey guys!

The title of this blog post has two separate inspirations.

First of all, the image is courtesy of my new Almond Butter that I got for free (minus the shipping) from Thrive Market. I saw it advertised on Chelsea Houska's Instagram. So, I enjoy free things, so I almost never miss an opportunity. The cool thing about this though - besides the natural food promise which you can read about on the website - we got to donate a portion of our savings. I just thought that was the coolest thing. It's small, but it's something. Moreover, they have a blog with a Well-Being sub-section, so I'm pretty much sold.

Naturally, the the name "Thrive" is the direct inspiration. But, this next anecdote shares why I feel that we're not just supposed to "get by" and survive in life. Rather, we should really flourish and do things that fuels our souls to do so.

So, I am coming off week of 3 exams in Neuroscience, so I'm PRETTY beat. What's more, the last two weeks have been full of greasy, fried food. It's just easier to study nonstop and grab something quick instead of whipping up something healthy. I do not advocate this, but I am jus' sayin' - the struggle gets REAL. But, this time I noticed random blemishes on my face. This was evidence verifying the statement, "you are what you eat". So, this week for me is all about getting back on track - with my diet, my workouts and restorative sleep where I don't have nightmares about the mechanism of action for various psychiatric drugs.

I woke up this morning, with the goal of drinking tons more water than I have been and to walk at least a mile. Starting off nice and easy. Then it dawned on me that this was like a New Year's Resolution. So, then I thought how cool is it to get started on those resolutions two weeks early?! Maybe that's the secret to success in maintaining them? Takes that "January 1st" pressure off.

Welp, whatever you do, do it well. Happy Monday, my friends!

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Joys of Multi-tasking

Lubbock recently opened up a Panera Bread, so my friends and I wanted to go! It is the little things in life, after all, that you just take for granted until you can't enjoy them anymore. When we got here, we ran into one of our other classmates and decided to join him for dinner. Sidenote: I love my medical school class. My Class of 2019 in particular. We all just have a way of being so friendly and congenial. Everyone says so. But, I digress. The title reflects how I saw this trip to Panera. I got to hang out with friends, eat good food, and study afterwards all in one. I just love feeding multiple birds with one loaf of bread. I think there is much benefit to receive from seeing things this way. When we allow all of our to-do's and want-to-do's in life to be integrated into one synergistic unfolding, it's quite simply, bliss. Welp, that's the thought for today. No music, just mental musings. One exam down, and two more to go this week! Happy Monday, y'all! Stay golden.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Just a Bit of Wisdom from Regina Spektor

I'm going to make this post short & sweet since I've knee-deep in Behavioral Sciences information right now. But, I just wanted to share this little reminder I just received. I like to mix it up when I study, in terms of the music I listen to. Tonight at Starbucks I decided to jam to an old playlist, and Regina Spektor's "On the Radio" came on. When I tell you guys that this used to be MY JAM, I mean it. 20 year-old Jasmin at Duke was a Regina Spektor fiend, and this song was my absolute favorite. My favorite line remains:

It's just another one of life's simple truths, and it's just always made me smile. So, maybe it'll do the same for you! Welp, gotta keep trudging through the material, so I won't be able to make this post super-insightful, but if nothing else, treat yo'self to a mini-dance-party to this upbeat tune:

Happy Music Monday!