Music, music, music

I'm a fan of music. Pretty much any genre. Oftentimes, I follow a unique seasonal pattern of music. Let me explain:

In the Spring, I'm all about singer-songwriter, chill songs (y'know, your Ingrid Michaelson or The Decemberists). Currently, I've found the most amazing Pandora station for this mood and it's Laid Back Beach Music Radio.

Then, when the summer is blazing, I'm blasting country music all day, everyday, and also mixing in the pop hits - old and new - that are just plain fun to dance or run to.

By the way, the ipod shuffle was one of the best items I've ever purchased when it comes to summer runs outside. It just clips on so easily! 

Along comes Autumn, with it's cool breezes and familiarity. I slowly transition from summer and as soon as I feel that it's cold enough...Christmas music. Yes, yes. October is a bit early, but when I feel the cold air a-coming, Pandora knows what to do: Christmas Radio.

Then, when it actually is Winter, the Christmas music reminds me of my Oldies obsession, and Pandora knows that it's time for Golden Oldies Radio.

It's a cycle that works for me. So, the point of this page is for me to share links to great music sources that I've stumbled upon.



MTV's Emerging New Artists:

Hulu's Artists Den links:

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