Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sunny Songs on a Saturday

Aloha friends! It's been SO sunny and warm in Lubbock lately that visions of summer have been saturating my mind! So, I wanted to introduce a new segment for Finding A Better Way: Saturday Sunshine Songs! The idea is for me to share with you a song I really like (just as I do with Music Monday), but the caveat is that it specifically has to do with sunshine/summer/beach/happiness, and such like themes. And within the 5 minutes, I'll try to share a bit of "sunny wisdom" that I learned throughout the week.

I hope this ideas sounds as awesome as it feels!

I'm excited!


So, without further ado, please enjoy the video below, discussing the idea of "no trouble, no fuss" in approaching the fluidity of friendships in life, an idea inspired by this Holstee article.

Click above to hear the full song! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How San Francisco Helped Me Breathe Again

Happy new year and welcome back to me! (SN: Welcome To Me is a fairly intriguing dramedy starring Kristen Wiig, on Netflix, check it out). Maybe needless to say, medical school got extremely overwhelming for me towards the end of last semester. Don't get me wrong, I expect medical education to be challenging and rigorous. It's a profession that comes with great responsibility. The sense of overwhelm, however, came from imbalance. Not prioritizing sleep on most days, not working out in a fulfilling way, not blogging - all of these things added to my own personal imbalance. Ruminating over the past and fretting over the future did not help equilibriate, neither.

Thus, so far this year, I have tried to find what my own personal balance looks like for me. How do I best rest? Best relax? Best study? All of these aspects of life are best when they are tailor-made for who we are at the moment. At the moment, I am a medical student processing a heavy load of content, therefore, time is of essence. I need to understand that taking as long as I need to study and sleep might mean a shorter workout regimen. At least for now. The point is to ensure that however you plan out those important aspects of life, make it work for you at the moment - continuously. As I'm sure I've said before in blog posts, we are ever-evolving, after all.

What boarding a 4-hr flight at 7 pm
after being up since 5 am looks like
So, let's get to the title - San Francisco. Another aspect of life that got out of balance was my social activity. Something about school amping up caused me to become quite reclusive. Which is understandable, but nevertheless, out of balance. So, as a way to ensure this stays in the mix, I agreed to go on a spur-of-the-moment-decision trip to San Francisco at the end of our 2nd exam of the semester. The round trip was only $100! That's a YOLO-worthy ticket price.

The trip was definitely final purge for me to understand that keeping life in balance - in body, mind and soul - is absolutely essential. The trip taught me exactly what I expected it to. Life is too short to sacrifice your ideas of your own health and happiness for the sake of some ideal from outside sources. The kicker is, this outside source that I speak of isn't friends or family but that nagging alter ego in your head, the prime suspect. The one that is constantly telling you should do this or that. I'm glad that taking the trip challenged this alter ego that might have said you should stay and study over the weekend. I'm also glad that it taught me so many other lessons that I can't wait to spread out over more blog posts to come. 

Hmm I forget what they call
the bridge...
Yes, that was an attempt
at a joke. I think you laughed.

Obligatory Tourist-y Photos

On a cable car! 
On the curviest road, Lombard Street
In closing, today, I just want to re-iterate one thing: find out what works best for you in maintaining balance in your own life. If that changes, that's okay! Be flexible with your own growth and needs of the moment. And stay forever in peace and balance. Until next time!