Saturday, January 3, 2015

Finding a Better Way to Start the New Year

Hello and welcome to 2015 my friends! You want to know what is so crazy? Well, besides the fact that I haven't posted a video or blog post in SO LONG, it's crazy that we have now entered into the "into the future" time frame presented in movies. You know how like in Click with Adam Sandler, the "future" is 2017? That's only two years from now! I find that interesting.

Anyhoo, this is one of my most favorite times of the year. NOT because of this dreadful wintry weather, mind you, but because it represents a new beginning. A chance for reflection and for starting anew. Last year, a few friends and I were having dinner and started discussing the effectiveness of setting a one-word New Year's resolution. The idea is to choose just one word that will define your year and all of your goals and aspirations associated with it. Last year, my word was flow. I really tried to go with the flow of everything that was happening in my life, as it was happening. And, believe me, A LOT of change occurred in my life during 2014. Most totally awesome, some not so much, but all for the better.

So, what will it be for you this year? A New Year's resolution? Or a New Year word? (See the poll to your right, just for kicks!)

I've been really contemplating what I want my word to be for this year. And, after much reflection and after having a breathing meditation with a few very important people in my life yesterday, I have concluded what Jasmin's 2015 shall be all about: intention.

I want to be intentional in my thoughts, words and actions. In how I relate to others and myself. In everything that I do, I want my intentions to be clear to myself and others. I'm just beginning to embark upon what this means for me in all of the important areas of my life. I encourage you to do the same. And, once you figure our your word, please share it with this community in the comments below. It's helpful to have a cyber support system, trust me! I'm so excited for what 2015 will hold.

So, to kick us off, I want to present to you all my latest Fridays with Friends video. I got the wonderful opportunity to interview an old friend and upcoming actor, poet and trainer (talk about talent), James "Fluid" Bradley. In this short video he shares with us his concept behind his "Mind. Body. Fluid" motto, and it's just so wonderful - watch it for yourself! Just three minutes of your time! 

As soon as I get them, I will give you more links to connect with James and everything he's doing with his brand. Can't wait!

Well, guys, it's been nice catching up. I promise I won't be a stranger to this blog this year. In fact, I intend to post weekly - even if just a picture, just one thing. (See what I did there? With my word, and everything? haha so clever) So, 2015 is here, are you ready for it?