Monday, October 24, 2016

Studying at Coffeehouses

So, about three weeks ago, I decided that I was going to start studying at various coffeehouses throughout the week instead of studying in my usual solitude in the study area in my apartment complex. A bit of background, last year during the first year of medical school I learned that I actually really didn't enjoy studying in the school's library or at any of the school study spaces. I think the school environment stressed me out. I also learned that I couldn't study if I felt like I was surrounded by other health professional students. I do not know how their mere presence stressed me out, but it totally did. So, some time in the spring semester last year, I just started studying in my apartment. It was glorious. I could eat whenever with food I had already paid for. I could take naps and not feel awkward if someone saw me because no one would. If I needed human interaction, I could just pop in the kitchen when I heard my roommate grabbing a snap. Jackpot! It was wonderland. However, this was a gig I could only keep up during the sunny time of spring and the end of summer. As we progress through autumn, that gloomy shorter days longer nights mood is starting to set in, and I need to be around more energy to keep mine up. But, I definitely didn't want to go to school or any school's library for that matter...what to do?

Signature Wall at Sugar Brown's Coffee
Cut to coffeeshouses! It's almost as if this idea had never occurred to me before this year. I studied at a couple of coffeehouses last year, but it just didn't stick. But, now, I was determined. Luckily, there's a bunch of cool spots around Lubbock for me to hop about. And, in the past weeks of me doing just that, I have discovered what love I have for this study setting. I really like the artsy feel of places that sell coffee. It's as if they only higher the hipster-est looking baristas, and I love it. They also usually have other things going on like performances or cool art hanging around that just makes you feel like, "hey man, I'm immersed in this community." I love it. AND, the best part - aside from the cute designs they put in your drinks and pastries of course (see below) - is that the constant movement of people in and out is the perfect amount of distraction for me. There's a certain steady hustle and bustle quality with the drinks being made, people greeting and chatting with friends, people studying super diligently - I am obsessed with the energy. It's an extra added bonus when I see a few of my classmates, too. It's like, "hey, we're cool, we're not merely med students, we are a part of this vibrant community, man!"
Compliments of Yellow House

I'm not sure everyone shares this same sentiment, but I'm sure glad I've found my niche. I'm telling, it has revolutionized my studying. So, naturally, I just had to share. And, since coffeehouses are always playing cool, indie, coffeehouse music, today's Music Monday selection is one that I heard in Xcelente (which is also a smoothie bar, so they get extra cool points from me): Cake's "Tougher Than It Is". Actually has a really simple yet powerful message, in my opinion.

Favorite line: 
"The more you try to qualify, the more it all will past you by"

So, just be in the moment, guys. Don't justify your life away with the minutia of it all. Go study at coffeehouses! Happy Monday, folks.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Aloha means Love (Music Monday is back too! ...

...Although technically it's not Monday, let's just roll with it!)

Why hello there my friends!

Don't give me that look. I know. I know. I haven't posted on here for a while. Well, that's what the second year of medical school does to a person!

But, lately. I've been feeling really out of balance. I've found that when I diversify my attention, I'm more efficient with my work and more balanced with my emotions.

So, I bought a ukulele. It made me think about how the word 'aloha' actually translates to love. Here's a quick story below!

That being said, I leave you with a simple and sweet song for today.. It's Ingrid Michaelson's "You & I". I have always, always appreciated the cheerful sound of the ukulele. And these lyrics are so delightfully hopeful.

Favorite Line:
"Let's get rich and give everybody nice sweaters, and teach them how to dance."

Final Word. 
Life really is about love, folks. Love for yourself, love for the universe, love for your Creator, love for others. When I focus my attention on love, that definitely helps to reduce the stress. So, aloha, my friends. Stay golden.