Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sunny Songs on a Saturday #2: Cultivating Positive Vibes and Affirmations

Hey y'all!

So, good news - another block of medical school down and 3.25 more years of medical school to go! Woohoo! My how time flies. Kinda. Sorta. Anyhoo! It's another beautiful "75 & Sunny" type of Saturday, so perfect time for another installment of Sunny Songs on a Saturday! 

Today's video features a hit from 2012, Bruno Mars's "Treasure". I never really jammed out to this song much back then, but it came on this 8tracks playlist while I was studying this past week, and in that moment it captivated me. Find out more in the video below! 

Bottom Line

1 - Have mini dance parties often
2 - Speak positive words about yourself out loud and often
3 - Smile, you're alive  

Also, I found this quote on Pinterest, and I absolutely love it! Let's just say it may or may not be my anthem for the rest of 2016! Props to the pinner Phyllis Williams and the article from whence it came on This Little Street. 
Image courtesy of Pinterest