Friday, August 31, 2012

Do your mind, body and spirit a favor!

Recently, I've decided that I need to revamp my overall health regimen. Every so often I have these "healthy habits jumpstarts" in which I really strive to stick to some health goals daily for at lest a week. I often falter, so before long, my enthusiasm for the personal health challenge basically dwindles.

But, this time around, I'm going to really try to make these healthy habits stick! Maybe things are different now that I have a better perspective on life and how I fit into it now that I have embraced the inevitable quarter-life crisis rather than dreading it. I don't know. But, something's different. Also, if I really want these healthy habits to stick, I've got to do them for longer than a week, right? 21 days, I believe is the standard for developing a habit. Furthermore, accountability always helps, so that's where you guys come in. In 21 days, I'll check back in, and report my progress thus far.

Now, the point of this post isn't simply to report that for the next 21 days I'll be consistently drinking the daily recommended amount of water, sleeping for the ideal amount of hours, and resuming my yoga practices every other day. I want to urge you all to do the same. Not the same exact goals, of course. But, something that you can resolve to take on for the next 21 days that will help you to feel more connected to yourself.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Think BIG with small acts!

During my senior year of high school, our school launched this new global awareness initiative with a department dedicated to Diversity & Global Education. The main motto emphasized was to
"think globally, but act locally"
 The spirit with which college students possess during election years, when some of my peers are launching initiatives all over campus, reminds of this charge.

What I love about activism and awareness is that it can pretty much subscribe to any cause in which you have interest. In my opinion, no one thing is more important that the other. It's all a matter of personal preference. So, I write this entry not to use as a soapbox for my particular interest but to encourage all to stand for whatever or whoever you believe in. Even if it's yourself!

(Actually, believing in yourself - in big ways or small - is an absolutely admirable cause if I ever heard of one!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Late Night Epiphanies Stirring

Always we want to get to the end result. It’s like, we know we’re going through a period of growth, but we don’t want to actually go through the period of growth. We want to just know what we were supposed to learn and move on, new and improved. But, it’s basically impossible to jump ahead to the end because that totally defeats the purpose of growing from going through the experience. So, I can’t tell you how that interview will turn out. Or, how things will eventually work out with that guy. All I can do is say you might as well enjoy the growth period!

Since you can’t fast forward or rewind. Play. Which translates to enjoy. Enjoy the beautiful experience and all of its ambiguity.

This is especially true for budding relationships that might fizzle and fade or blossom. You really can’t operate on either prediction. You must, above all else, at all costs, operate purely on the present. It’s the only way to get the truth. The unadulterated truth on how you’re feeling. When you aren’t trying to frame your words in order to guarantee a certain outcome. Just be. Exist. These are concepts somewhat foreign to planners and organized individuals.

It’s a simple test of faith, perseverance, spontaneity and all those marvelously tricky virtues of life. Live for the little moments. This too shall pass, and then something else will come along, and you’ll do it all over again. So, just keep on living for those little moments. They add up to a beautiful life.